We’ll Help You Plan For And Transition Into Each Generation

Estate Planning. Probate Administration. Adult Guardianship. Trust and Estate Litigation.

Estate Plans

Thoughtful, protective planning to ensure a detailed roadmap for passing assets from generation to generation.

Probate Resolution

Expertise and thorough administration with clear explanations to quell anxiety throughout the entire legal process.

Aggressive Probate &
Trust Litigation

Compassionate & focused advocacy for successful recovery in will & trust contests and contested guardianship matters.

Do You Need An Estate Attorney?

Have you been named Executor of a Will?

Do you have minor children and need to create a will?

Has a loved one recently died?

Are you and your siblings in disagreement over inheritance assets?

Is a senior in your life being financially exploited or neglected?

Are you the parent of a special needs child?

Stephanie treated me with utmost professionalism. I was really impressed by her knowledge of the law and the strategy she formulated. She communicated clearly and concisely throughout the whole process and I would not hesitate to use her again or recommend her to friends or family.

David Z.Client

Stephanie and her firm were extremely helpful and diligent through a long probate matter. We really appreciated working with a boutique firm.

Susan S.Client

Stephanie is a very good attorney. She is extremely knowledgeable about probate law and can navigate difficult situations well. I am always happy to work with Stephanie.

Benjamin T.Client

Stephanie Sexauer has assisted me with a number of mutual clients. She has been exceptional. Each client's questions are fully answered and no question is too silly. It is great having Stephanie to advocate on your client's behalf!!

Jordan P.Client

How Can Sexauer Law, P.C. Help You?

Trust and Probate Administration

Trust and Probate Litigation

Trust and Probate Mediation

Wills and Trusts for Young Couples

Estate Planning for Senior Citizens

Financial Elder Abuse and Litigation

Adult Guardianship

Estate Plan Reviews

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Why Sexauer Law?

Your wealth is measured by more than just your bank account, it is a story that began many generations ago.  We’re here to ensure that story continues, to ensure it becomes your legacy.  Matters of estate planning, trusts, inheritances can get sticky and have the potential to divide families into factions.  We seek to create order out of chaos so that you are protected and the story of your family lasts.

When it comes to choosing the right attorney for you, consider a multitude of factors: Do I trust this person? Do I believe this attorney has the knowledge and experience to assist me? Are they a valued member of the bar?

At Sexauer Law, P.C., you’ll work with a legal team that focuses solely on estate issues. That means, you’ll see us in probate court in the morning and at our desks drafting wills in the afternoon.

When you choose an estate attorney, be sure this is their primary area of focus. Ask if their rates are competitive in the field. While you may trust your divorce attorney or really like your real estate attorney, he or she may not have the requisite experience to assist in estate-related matters.

At Sexauer Law, P.C., you’ll know you’re getting a team of legal professionals who put your best interests first and treat you like family.  We’re led by our conviction, curiosity, and emotional investment to get the best outcomes for our clients.

What Is The Process?

1. Book Your Free Consult

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2. Review Your Options

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3. Hire Experienced Counsel

We start our engagements by asking what you want; your goals guide our work.

We Believe You Shouldn’t Have To Sacrifice…


The first concern many people have when working with a lawyer is: can I afford this?  By partnering with us, you can be sure you’re getting top-notch legal advice and representation at rates commensurate with experience. Big law expertise, small firm prices.


No one benefits from you just spinning your wheels.  Rather than fight your fight alone work with a team emotionally invested in your success.  We’re well equipped to handle the legal labyrinth, giving you time to focus on healing and creating a vibrant future for your family.


There is a time to fight, and there is a time to work it out.  We’ll guide you through the estate or probate process so you fully understand the “coulds” and “shoulds” of the law.  With a clear mind, you can properly determine how to minimize stress and maximize recovery.